Our Story


It's just us- me and my husband!   This "b good @ life" idea has been a back burner dream for a very long time.  Finally, we are chasing the dream! We want to start conversations and impact the world "one t-shirt at a time!"

We are constantly barraged by negativity everywhere we turn, in every aspect of our lives.  How refreshing would it be if we could start encouraging each other by a simple, positive, “in your face” message on a shirt?  A good life is not about arriving at some point in the future with a family, nice house, cool car, money and toys.  It is about being good at life during the journey from young to not so young!  How can one be good at life you ask?  So many ways…   Opening the door for someone, picking up litter, smiling at a stranger, paying for a complete strangers meal, planting a tree, eating healthier, praying for others, giving more hugs, and even treating yourself to a massage!  The list goes on and on!  Let’s unplug, get off our duffs and start making a difference in this world!

It can be so simple!
b good @ life... :)    SMILE :)
b good @ life...:)     LOL!
b good @ life... :)    PRAY
b good @ life... :)    PLAY
b good @ life... :)    LOVE
b good @life... :)     PAY IT FORWARD
b good @ life... :)    HUG SOMEONE TODAY

Help us impact the world not only by encouraging people to b good @ life... but BY being good @ life... :)


Buy one of our shirts, start conversations and impact the world one shirt at a time!

20% of EVERY SALE is given to a local charity.


Side note:  all of our shirts are screen printed!  




Blessings to you all!

Spencer and Katie