Share Your Story... :)

Posted by Katie H. on Jan 2nd 2018

Share Your Story...  :)

The concept is reality, it seems challenging!   At this very moment, truth be told, I can't think of anything I have done in the last day (or two or three)  or have witnessed  being done by someone else... that would really be considered being "good at life.".  HMMM....  Disturbing.   About three weeks ago, my husband pulled the car over and gave a homeless man our McDonalds order and $10.  That was pretty cool.  :)  On the flip side, I can think of many opportunities I had to be good at life and didn't (such has pick up trash in a public area, pray for someone on the spot who had an injury, give someone a hug...etc.)

So, here is the challenge.....can YOU do ONE thing every day, that would be considered being "good at life"?  This may be something outside of your comfort zone, putting someone else first or simply giving a compliment.  Try it  every day for a week!   We are not necessarily interested in "WHAT you did but HOW it IMPACTS you?  Also, be observant!  Can you catch any one being good at life?

When we (my husband and I) pulled over so he could give the man food and money, I was actually nervous...  Seriously?  AND, I didn't want to look at the guy.  Seriously.  Just being honest.  When I did look over, my husband was having a conversation with him and they were smiling and I think the guy even wiped away a tear.   I felt like such a jerk for the initial response that I had.  What if I had talked my husband out of stopping? After it was all over, we both felt so good. It was like a "rush"!!!  Let's do it again... and again!   Go be good at life and share your story here!